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Showing posts from September, 2005

I'm An Ice Cream Baby

Everything starts with ice cream.
Chubby brown-eyed baby
Bringing in the college campus customers
The biggest baby flirt you ever saw.
Bathed in deep metal sinks in the back
Young dad running the store with the baby
Young mom still in school
Learning to teach little older kids.
I was an only child for
Five whole years
The only baby of three from
The Upside-Down Penguin Ice-Cream Shop.

I swear to this day
Mint-chocolate chip ice cream
Runs in my veins with the blood.

Everything starts with ice cream
From meeting Jessica Queeney at three
(One old picture still left
Of two smiling babies)
To Coldstone cake-batter Reese’s pieces
With a bunch of ‘pirate’ friends
Tricia’s digital camera
Storing every moment
Of our scandalous sugary wickedness.

Everything starts with ice-cream
First date with this cute boy
(I met him where I work at Wendy’s
He ordered a side salad and a Frosty)
Johnny Rocket’s corner-table
Possibly gay? waiter
He orders an iced tea
With three sugar packets
But I got a milk shake.

Three mon…

Baby Elephants

I now have infamous grace in my family.

so two days ago, while it was raining in the morning, my mother dropped me off at school. Scrambling, I shoved my worn work shoes onto my feet and scooped up my bag; seeing how my mother had to tutor a kid in 15 minutes, I really had to get going. Opening up my polka-dot umbrella and slinging my bag onto my shoulder, I closed the van door...

Now let's pause, leaving our heroine in mid-stride. How long have I worn these shoes? a year. Do they have any traction after thousands of hours running around Wendy's? no, not really. Do they have any traction on a wet curb? I could defy the laws of friction in that envirionment. our heroine's first step is miscalculated, and only her traction-less toe makes the curb instead of her entire foot. and down she goes. I didn't stand a chance. My hair and arms seemed puzzled by it all and tried to stay up in the air a split second longer, but my lower body knew I was done for. I stood up, grim…