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A Thousand Apologies

It's been a whirlwind past couple of weeks. What with school and activities and all...

To catch you guys up, my dad is presently in San Diego with his brand-spankin'-new fiance. Yep, he proposed. He's over there with Robin on one of her business conferences and this past Monday he scheduled a hot air balloon ride for the two of them and he popped the question. I saw the ring - bling bling, baby, I would've said yes, too...*winks*

My friend David is cracking jokes, laughing loud and frequently, visiting with his parents in from England for three weeks, he and I will have 20 minute conversation every other night or so in which he imitates (what sounds like) Yoda swallowed by Sean Connery, and is doing well in general. I am so incredibly excited to see how well he is doing. I haven't told you anything past what happened this past Easter Sunday, but his life is almost back to normal and he seems to be doing well. He is a good friend to have.

My boyfriend Dave is doing wel…

Not Your Typical Easter Sunday

Cool grey tiles against my bare feet
Here come the tears
Push them back, push them back a while longer.
Running high on emotion
Low on sleep
Glasses slip off the tip of my nose
A soft clatter on the thin white sheet
A blurry gurney wheel stares back
They took him away in a yellow bed.
He was finally smiling again.
Here comes the hysteria
Push it back, push it back a while longer.
I roll the blankets into a crumpled heap
I want to collapse on the pile.
Who threw the glass away?
Is it still blood-stained on the coffee table,
The gleaming red a stagnant brown?
Or was it recycled by some unknown irony?
I've been so strong all night
He called at 2:56am
It's now 11:04am
I haven't cried since he met me at the door
With drunken slitted eyes
Mouth crooked with hatred
Shallow red streaks across his left arm.
I lay the bundle on the empty white gurney
And my fingers nearly brush the lined bloodstains
On the sheet rumpled by his body.
Eyes blur behind glass frames
I lay my head on the pile, exhausted.
Oh, David. I…


Two important things, one request, and a fun fact:

Important Thing #1: I got my belly button pierced yesterday. Tabatha and I were supposed to do it together, but because she and Amy botched an at-home piercing job (Amy has a track record for that, remind me to tell you what she did to me some time...) so the Sarah refused to do anything for her until at least a month later. However, I went first, because I knew watching Tabby go through it could possibly freak me out the front door,'s done. It's tender, and touching it sends a little zing! of pain through my abdomen, especially when I'm not expecting it. Otherwise, I now have a little spring-green jewel hidden in the dip of my navel, surmounted by a little steel ball which I am NOT allowed to touch for quite a while, not remove for 4-6 months. Still, I am very excited about it. And (muahaha) when Tabby gets hers pierced...the raucous laughter I'll have to restrain...

Important Thing #2: Yesterday, while at work…

Where's A Sketch Artist When You Need One?

Due to a recent request, this is explaining the April 3rd entry and what went down at the Ben shoot out. And Brian, please don't turn gay on me because of this entry.... ;)

To explain who Ben is, he is a pale-skinned 6'3" socially inept 17-year-old coworker of mine who developed a gigantic crush on me after our first heated argument over whether Danjou pears were number 4416 or 4016 (seeing how that was my first week, I lost the argument, much to his delight). A matter of days later, I ended up isolated in a register next to him for a whole frikkin' hour, arguing back and forth about the most idiotic and irrelevant things, and him telling every other customer how he thought I thought I wanted him liked him loved him. All of which were met with my raucous laughter and his slightly-injured look. It escalated to one point where he made a comment that should never have crossed the threshold of his lips, and I talked to him about it, and ended up mentioning it to a manager …

I'm Honestly Not Trying to Suck Up (No Sarcasm, Seriously)

Last night was a good night. Dave came, as usual, to watch Headlines with me after the Monday night Xenos meeting. But my favorite part was the goodbye; not that he left, no, not that at all, but the manner of it. There's a communication above words that forms between people who have known each other for a long spell of time, and especially if you care about one another. I've been friends with Tabatha 7 years now and we're nearly telepathic in our subliminal communication, but it can't touch the way emotion is conveyed between Dave and I. The warmth and stubble of his cheek on mine as the cool night air raised goosebumps on my arms. The little sounds that carry words and feeling beyond the use of pretty words, even if you do have to listen a little more closely. The directness and length of their gaze returning yours, contact slipping from palms to fingertips, and the final traditional wave.

Today was a better day.As an extra bonus, I got to see Dave a few minutes befor…

Things That Made My Day

A college guy wearing a shirt with two frames: the first had a picture of a monkey scratching his butt with the caption "Scratch", while the second had a picture of the same monkey shoving his fingers up his nose with the caption "& Sniff".Another college guy wearing a shirt depicting a tanker of beer, with the brilliant text "Works better than mistletoe"Dave insisting that two jerks at the shooting range were pushing gun facts on him on the equivalent of arguing that a two-wheeled car is superior to one with four wheelsGetting into an argument with Ben (my stalker guy at work) and brilliantly shooting him downEric, one register over, yelling "Oooo....shot down, Ben!"