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One final paper down, one to go. And what am I doing? Stringing popcorn for the first time and learning that egg nog tastes better with a splash of bacardi. What a marvelous night. After such a strange couple of weeks, I was filled with such happiness tonight. My roommates and I, we bought our Christmas tree tonight and had Decemberfest.

Now the monthly 'fest is a time-honored tradition, begun in October of 2006 the month after I moved into the ministry house. Chan came tearing up to the attic of the house (the first one I lived in for three short months) screeching "OKTOBERFEST!!" at the top of her lungs. Coming cautiously downstairs after the invasion, Carrie and Chandra met everyone in the kitchen with autumn-flavored beer; it was a good night. And every month now, they try to have a 'fest, announced the same way each time.

After our newest month-old roommate Claire texted us and told us that a friend of hers was able to get us a free tree, all seven of us straggled…

Now He's Laughing At Me

So it's been a weird week for me, as a writer.

When I call myself a writer, I mean that in a professionally amateur sense. I have never made a dime from the thousands of pages I've written, nor have I tried to. I simply mean "writer" in the sense that it is a need, a building tension and pressure that requires daily outlet of some sort. It is my way of organizing myself, of knowing myself. If it's not written down, it's forgotten and I cannot learn from it. So I'm always writing.

As a writer, it has been a weird week. I am in that awkward transition between journals, which to me is like moving to a new house. I don't know where anything is in this new journal, I left some stuff behind in the move and have to keep going back and forth, and it's not really home yet. It's going from the buzz of being mere pages from the completion to the barrier of a lot of bare pages to fill all over again. That, and my other important journal was left behind in T…