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Punching the Clock

A lot can happen in a month. Things like moving into a new beautiful house. Things like getting my hair cut shorter than I've ever had it before. Things like bringing up that awesomely weighty "M" word.

Yeah. Things like that.

A lot has changed in a month, my address (again) for example, but on the other hand you'd really have to look closely to see what changes are taking place. They're subtle - so subtle that I find myself relying on comparison and restrospect to see the place I'm at now. I've become more mature, more responsible. But on the flip side of that coin I'm more vulnerable, and sillier with my roommates. Dave and I are having more conversations that are difficult or emotional. But then again I've never been more grateful than now for our relationship and its balance. I've been falling out of the Tree of Life Bible class homework habits and am starting to fall in love with God's written word. I've never before woken up so man…