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Summer Solstice

Wheel and Lever

Switch and Cranks

Graffiti Train

LeVeque Tower

Queen Anne's Lace



Supreme Court of Ohio

9 Years on Norwood

Scioto Mile Banister

Rugged Cityscape

Rich Street Bridge

Downtown Apartment Mural

Loading Zone

Wedding Window Display

Marriage: Courage and Commitment

Yellow Train Mural

Decorative Moldings

Yukon Building

Orange Lilies

White Rose Trellis

Depression II: Relational Graces

Lamppost and Clover

Three Roses

Tree Tulip

Ferns and Fence

One Pink Rose

Pekinese Lilac Tree

Store Front Reflection

Marble and Paper

Wet Pine Needles

Weeds in Gutter

Weed Blossoms in Pine Tree

Reaching Rose

Half-Brick, Half-Painting

Small Business Stories: Promoting in Person

White House and Roses

May Sunlight

Seeded Dandelions and Unmowed Grass

Brick Wall, Tall Grass

Fence and Roses

Stones and Yellow Wildflowers

Depression I: Graces

Wild Yellow Daisies

Reaching Petunias

First Red Strawberry