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Why Haven't I Been Writing?

Several reasons.


I've become an obsessive drafter. I have many ideas at various levels of conception in my blog cache, and I've only satisfactorily completed and published a fraction of them.


Graduating from college has snuck up on me, and it has included things like exit counseling for loans and repayment plans and figuring out how to take care of health insurance. It's a bunch of strangely adult and dead-dry boring tasks.


The past three weeks in particular have been devoted to a new writing project, something I'm hoping to put up here in chunks as it matures.

When my grandmother began dying May 10th, I immediately began to take careful notes. She passed away the following Sunday, and I continued to take notes until long after my family privately wept over her urn that Friday.

The project will be book-sized, and it will be an attempt to photograph my Dad's side of the family in that two week period.

There are three motivations to this project:

1) To be…