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Worth Its Weight In Years

Wow. It's a lot of heavier than you think. And I don't mean in grams or karats.

I got engaged yesterday. Officially.

Engaged. With the ring and the one knee and the tears. And it was just how it should've been. It was just right.

The story.

Dave works in a machine shop down on OSU campus, playing wth melted metal and giants of machining from the second world war, happy to end his work days smelling of coolant and wearing smears of oil and metal shavings. It's a world of manufacturing, which I had no concept of before meeting him. My dad writes something and shows me papers for work; Dave takes a block of metal and turns into something of practical use I can hold in my hand. It's a totally different world. I love watching, the deceptive look of melt-your-flesh liquid metal, the smell of cutting metal and grease, the movements of the machines. There's an unexpected art to it all, and an incredibly meticulous element.

Knowing that I like to watch him work, sometimes wh…