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Down to Business

I will probably never blog here with the same faithfulness that I used to. However, that does not mean that I'm not writing.

In fact, I've started a small business:

(Thanks to my father for designing the logo)
The business is simple: as my website quips, it's "designed to preserve the irreplaceable life stories of people in written, audio or video form."

You see, my grandmother passed away a year ago this month. And, as I have previously posted, I am (very slowly) working on a book-size project that snapshots my family in the weeks around her death.

But the timing of her death led to this idea for my business. You see, she died before I could really sit down with her and record her life stories. We had even planned to do it the summer before she died, but it didn't work out. I regretted that deeply when she was gone.

I want other people to be able to keep their heritage, their inherited stories, and I don't want their possible lack of time, equipment or skill …