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My days have never been packed so full, but also have I never felt so full of contentment as well.

Lately it feels like all my days are nonstop and my house is merely a place for storing food and crashing for a few hours between days. Typically, as unorganized as I usually am, my schedule falls apart and there's not enough time for enough things; however, necessity has taught me a little discipline and when I'm busy now I just feel like I'm using all the time God gave me.

Yesterday was one of those days. Out the door before 9 for the bus ride to school, I got to my first class early and studied. Then the hour between classes I rehearsed for a skit in theater with a guy whose partner had gone out of town, my rumbling stomach only pacified with a few pretzels. Then, during the mid-class smokers' break in my theater class (what is it about actors and cigarettes, anyways?) this girl in class starts talking to me. Really talking to me.

My housewarming party a few weekends ago …

Yes, Orange

It's amazing what a month can do.

Battling breezy negative-degree temperatures, I struggled my way to class this morning, frigid and tired and irritable. As I walked up the stairs to my morning class, triumphantly tugging my scarf with the air of one who has SURVIVED and done it 10 minutes earlier than usual, I head for the door but stop short at the threshold - a pink flyer on the door cordially informs me that class is cancelled for today, please be sure to read the required material.


So now I'm in the library, taking a break from my desperate quarter-long game of catch-up. I'm making it sound too dramatic, but I do feel like a little kid walking hand-in-hand with dad, my strides just a little too short to keep up with his, every couple of steps forced to jog a little to catch-up. Yeah, I know, me and my legs are short so I should be used to this, but you know what I mean. I have to choose which times I want to hangout with my friends more and sacrafice the other o…