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Emotionally Doped-Up

I am tired but I am good.

So, Easter Sunday my mother had a miscarriage. A couple days later I went to a funeral of a friend of the family. And then this past Sunday I had to rush out of work crying and and get myself up to Akron to visit my grandfather, now in the hospital for the third time this past month, this time for blood clots in his lungs.

Yeah, the emotional fuel tank? Definetely riding on "E" right now.

The good thing about bad news though - when the good news does come, it's just that much sweeter, that much more noticable. Like the doctors tumbling into the roiling mass of family in my grandfather's hospital room 5 minutes before I left to let us all know that his prognosis is good and they had a method of treatment in mind. After 24 hours of my grandmother's micromanagement and my uncle bickering with his mother about where I slept at the house (oddly enough, I played a very little role in that discussion) and the everlasting waiting game that is hospi…

I Wished the Weekend Ended as Wonderfully as it Began

This past Saturday was wonderful. I watched the April snow over a bowl of the best granola the Short North has to offer. Covering the fresh pieces of pear with yogurt, I reveled in the morning. Tricia and Lisa drove down to spend some time with me before Tricia headed back west to college and California, and I loved every moment of my time with them. They sang outloud in the car together, harmonizing, and I closed my eyes and listened to them, trying to memorize the warmth of their voices. I spend such infrequent time with them.

And then I spent time with Dave. After attending to some gun business (specifically the upper receiver for his AR-15 parts kit, not that that means a thing to you) we drove to Easton and spent a wintry April day ice skating at the Chiller. Much to our surprise, we didn't spend a majority of the time sprawled on the ice or collecting nasty bruises, but did ourselves proud. Dave did have a pretty good wipe-out trying to take a turn too sharp and fast, and as …

Spring Resolution

Every time I get on the computer I browse this site only for my links, thinking "I'll get around to writing on it, I just don't have the time right now."

Halfway to math class, my thoughts decidedly not math-like, I realized that I will never blog if I never decide on at least one specific time to do it. So I've set a time for myself and I promise to write something AT LEAST once a week. Be sure you hold me to it, too.

By the way, this April snow thing? Not liking it so much. And if my 20th birthday on the 30th of this month is white, someone owes me BIG time.

...And no, I don't count this as my one post of the week. This is merely a reminder to guilt me into writing something real later.