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Snow Day

What a marvelous weekend.

In a "blizzard" that set record breaking cumulation for a 24-hour period, as snow shut down Columbus with depths that my Buffalo-born roommate had not seen since coming to Ohio, chaos began to creep Friday night and was then muffled by two glorious feet of snow Saturday morning.

Dana and Beth and Claire came downstairs with the marvelous realization that their jobs were in malls that were now closed by the level 2 snow emergency. After dragging a couch from the other room into our front room, where we could watch the drifts pile and our cars disappear, we hunkered down for a morning slumber party. For a while we watched the morning news, a disgruntled anchorwoman reminding viewers every ten minutes that they had been there since SIX this morning and will have CONTINUOUS coverage of the weather ALL DAY LONG. And when one field reporter got so desperate for new ideas that she stacked two bags of burgers on one another to portray the depth of the snow, w…